Design and develop web applications by using well-known framework with high reliability, strict security and easy to use.

Maintain and upgrade existing websites.


Design and develop online learning system on computers as well as smartphones.

Create online learning resources which can interact with Learning Management System (LMS) for computers and smartphones.


Design and develop high quality applications for smartphones (iPhone, iPad, Android… ) with user-friendly interface and easy to use.

Convert web applications and desktop applications into smartphone applications that can run smoothly.

Design and develop Linux kernel applications and Native Android applications.


Design and develop embedded systems to control hardware devices such as sensors, bluetooth…

Develop embedded software for mobile devices processor base on Linux,…

Provide outsourcing embedded software development service with high quality

System Constulting

SMARTNET commits to offer the best quality and professional service; satisfy difficult demands of our customers. We help you to obtain a better result during lifetime of a project from formation stage, implementation stage to accomplishment stage.
  • ☆ Provide solutions for customers’ problems
  • ☆ Advise on making a detailed plan based on current resources (technical system, human, cost, time…) and feasibility of a project
  • ☆ Advise on organizing and executing plan under the control of time, cost and objectives obtaining
  • ☆ Supervise strictly on implementation of project and take actions accordingly to optimize the result
  • ☆ Manage and oversee project activities on behalf of investors
  • ☆ Evaluate efficiency and result of project



SMARTNET provides training services about IT and Japanese at a basic and advanced level for variety of customers.
Especially we are very pleased and experienced in training for schools, universities, state organizations, enterprises by using our specific programs or programs designed by customers.
With advanced, brief, understandable lessons and qualified experience teachers, we ensure students have a thorough grasp of a problem and upgrade the latest technologies, thereby significantly improving the efficiency of doing business of companies

  • 1
    Basic programming languages
  • 2
    Web Programming
  • 3
    Smartphone Programming
  • 4
    Embedded System Programming


SMARTNET provides normal translation services and notarized translation services, with qualified professional translators for different languages in different subjects. Besides document translation service, SMARTNET also provides website and software translation services with good quality and reasonable price.